Happy Birthday Pat McDonagh ~ Iconic Fashion Designer

In light of Saint Patrick's Day, I thought I would make this blog post about the notorious, beautiful, talented and creative soul that was Patricia Mary McDonagh Main. Born of Irish decent on this day in 1934 near Manchester England.

Known to the Fashion world as Pat McDonagh, she turned heads, dropped mouths and startled the fashion scene. Pat shared stories with me of her walking public streets with Twiggy by her side in a short mini skirt. People were in shock but Pat knew exactly what she was doing. Fashion was evolving and she had every intention of contributing. 

I only knew Pat for a short while in her later years as an intern and afterwards as a friend. It was an experience I will always treasure. From the Friday "inspiration sessions" with her favourite bottle of port to her busy work days filled with madness.  She always pulled it off with style and ease. 

 Happy Birthday Pat McDonagh! May you be celebrating in Peace! 

Below are a collection of photos of Pat from her modelling days to her final years as an iconic Canadian fashion designer.