Custom Bridal Shower Invitations ~ Hand painted

Are you looking for design ideas for your bridal wedding or shower invitations?

Here are my custom invitations. At first, I was in search of the perfect design to save myself time. I found so many beautiful options but being an artist makes things difficult as I knew from the start that I'd want to design them myself. So that's what I did.

My theme is bright florals inspired by 1920's Boho France. It was a three step process from paint to photoshop to finding a printer. All worth the extra effort! 

Below is the back of the invitation. I painted the background separately from the flowers and combined them in photoshop. I did this just in case I didn't like the background together plus I feel that it gives a cleaner look.

Above is the front, I painted a quick self portrait and the type took me forever!! 

For paint, I use watercolour and gouache mixed together. It's all water based for easy clean up and offers a wider range of textures and densities. Here's a link to one of my favourite line WINSOR & NEWTON

Thanks for visiting my blog post. Stay tuned for the next one on Canadian artists who inspire me with colour.

All the best,