STUSH IN THE BUSH ~ art on the table

It's about time that I write this post. So let me first start off by saying Happy 2016 to all!!  I hope yours has started off better than years before. I am grateful that it has for me and those around me. As they say life is full of ups and downs so be grateful when it's good!

I started the year off right with my fiancee in Jamaica. We stayed in Montego Bay for much needed beach time but we ventured off near Ocho Rios to the mountain of Free Hill. That is where we met Lisa, Chris and their daughter Tyler at their organic farm: STUSH in the BUSH

I love food. I think it's fair to say that everyone loves food but when food is made from quality organic ingredients by a gourmet chef up high in the mountains, to me, it is art on the table and well worth the travel.

An hour and a half away from our hotel and a half an hour driving up narrow, steep, mountain roads was a thrilling adventure we would do all over again for a delicious meal.

Once we made it up to Free Hill, Chris brought us to the highest peak to view the northern coast line of the island. That is when we saw the real Jamaica. Looking out to the Caribbean sea captivated us instantly. Even though we both are terrified of heights being up there on that mountain was exhilarating. SO we did our little waive dance... ya mon!  (don't judge).

Here's my Marky with 'da bushman' Chris... good times :) 

This view is looking towards the mountain and in the far distant you can see the peak of Mount Zion where the legendary Rastaman, Bob Marley, started his humble beginnings. 

selfie time... too close. 

After that is was time to head back to the farm for lunch...


This is the magical spot where we ate the art and made new friends at the communal table.

We started off with Seville Orangeade (w/rum), Plantain Chips, Chimi Curri and Blow Fyah (crazy hot)

First course: Pumpkin soup

Second course: Fresh Zionite greens with papaya and a passion fruit dressing 


Third course: Fiyah Grilled Pizza 

We were eating in heaven...

Fourth course: Vegan Chocolate cake drizzled with passion fruit butter and yummy organic coffee.

After lunch we took a celebratory group photo. It was such a pleasure to eat lunch and meet Helen, Lisa, Vincent, Carmen, Hank and Emma. Thank you for your stories and good company!

Here I am with the beautiful Lisa aka Stush

We ended the festivities with some sugarcane for the road.

Thank you again and again to the wonderful team at Stush in the Bush! You truly made our Jamaica experience one to never forget and we're coming back for more!! 


Much love,


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