Letters for Noah

When my nephew Noah was born (now 8 months old) I had the pleasure of making him wall decor for his nursery. He is the younger brother of twin siblings Lauren and Nico and loves his mama the most. He is super cute, cuddly and has heartbreaker eyes. (see below)

Noah's room is a bright sky blue and gets plenty of natural light. So I wanted to create letters that would add vibrant contrast to hang above his crib on the wall. Plus I wanted the design to be something that would be appropriate past his toddler years. (Hopefully until he's 6!?!) This was a fun crafty project which took me a few weeks to sand-prime-paint-dry-paint again-dry-touch up-dry-seal-dry and my favourite part was painting the fish, stripes, baby elephant, poka-dots and leaves.

Watch out ladies...

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Thank you and stay tuned for my next post!

Peace and love,

Daniela xoxox