A Castle, a Pug & a Couple in love

What do you get when you have a castle, a pug and a couple in love?!! You guessed it! A Wedding celebration at Casa Loma. :D lol

Charlene and Chris are two fun pug-loving humans who are committing to their love this summer in the garden of Toronto's only castle. Built by Sir Henry Pellatt for the love of his life Lady Mary Pellatt. This is a perfect location for any romantic celebration and best of all their pug, Tofu, will be attending the ceremony. 

When I heard about their engagement I was super thrilled. Casa Loma was an obsession of mine when I was in my early teens and I've had a special love for it ever since. I'm sure a few of you can relate? So when Charlene and Chris asked me to paint their invitations I jumped at the opportunity to say YES!!

Below are the invitations and rsvp response card. I love the special touch they added on the envelope to represent their pug love. Also, Chris is a musician, singer and songwriter. So check out some of his music at the link here He even creates songs for Tofu.

Below is the front and back of the invitation. I believe I've captured Tofu in all her glory.

Thank you and Happy Friday!

Much love,

Daniela xoxo