Sunflower Fields

Just before summer began, my husband and I traveled to Europe for our long awaited honeymoon. It was a magical dream come true and I wish I could physically relive it over and over again. Instead, I resort to painting and looking back on the photographs.

While in Italy and France we made our journey through winding roads past the beautiful fields of sunflowers as far as the eye can see. It was a challenge to take a good photo of the fields as we were zipping by them on the autostrata in Italy and on the train in France. So all I have is my memory, sketches and if all else fails me, google. 

I sketched as many sunflowers as I could until we passed them and saw the next field of these beautiful summer blooms. The bright yellow and golden fields are warming to the soul that I just had to recreate them into the watercolour and gouache piece below.

My Sunflower Fields is now available as fashionable scarf in my etsy shop.