Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2016

I did it. I entered the Lilla Rogers GTS competition for the 2nd time in hope to win 2 years art licensing representation. Last year I made it to top 50 which was AMAZING!! Even though I didn't make it to the finals... :)

SO for this years assignment we were asked to design a teacup, saucer and paper napkin for a vintage style pastry shop to serve to their customers. Need I mention floral was definitely a must for these products! 

Reading through the assignment, I felt I had to create a collection that would add to the customers experience when visiting this unique pastry and tea cafe. So why not add some nudes? Nudes that are passionately enjoying the baking process, the act of serving and of course the delicious taste of a fresh croissant. 

Here are my nudy teacups and napkins. They come in a variety of base colours with different foody nude scenes.

I look forward to seeing the top 50!

Happy Friday to all!