My MATS A experience with Lilla Rogers Studio

Five weeks of art assignments flew right by and I'm going to miss it! 

Thank you to Lilla Rogers and her team for creating such a positive, challenging and supportive environment.  I'm proud of myself for taking my art more seriously and joining the MATS A class. Not only did we receive fun and inspiring assignments, informative market needs and great resources but we were (and are for an extra 6 months) surrounded by creative and very supportive people who love art. As wonderful as my family and friends are in listening to me babble and show my art to them, I know they will always tell me what I want to hear.  That is why it is important to be part of a group who can babble all day long about art and give constructive criticism. This motivated me to challenge myself further and gives me a place to learn and meet many other AMAZINGLY talented artists. To name only a few Emma Allsup , Ali Garner Hoffman, Jeff Brunner and Zoe Ingram and I hope to meet many more. Their work along with SO MANY others blew me away and it feels right to be among fellow artists. 

Taking the MATS A class was the right thing to do. I love to paint, draw, sketch, doodle and get crafty. The thought of being able to make something someone may want in their home or to give as gift is an rewarding feeling that keeps us humans connected. 

Below are my weekly assignments staring with week 1: Bolt Fabric My Hair Bun Sisters...

Week 2: Home Decor

Week 3: Children's Book - This was a hard one for me!

Week 5: Wall Art - My tribute to Frida without the uni-brow :)

Week 5: Gift Market. A tribute to Paris, not only for the devastating events that recently took place but in my past life I lived in Paris as an amateur artist and apprentice to the great masters! I'm serious! hahaha

I'm particularly proud of this design below because Lilla, herself, reviewed it!! She gave me lots of good feedback and a confidence boost. SO I made the changes and I hope you like it Lilla! THANK YOU!!

Stay tuned as I bare more art next week!